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Where to Buy ETH

If you’re interested in buying ETH but are not sure where to buy ETH, we have the answers. The easiest way to obtain ETH is to purchase through a cryptocurrency exchange like BTC.com.au. As the crypto exchanger of choice for many Australian investors, we offer a safe, reliable, and straightforward experience for both beginners and seasoned crypto investors.


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To ensure your chosen crypto exchange is best for your particular circumstances, you should investigate and compare a few different exchanges before making your decision. You may want to consider the fee structure, what fiat currency the exchange accepts, and how easy transfers are when buying and selling crypto. You’ll also need to ensure the exchange handles the crypto you’re interested in buying. As ETH is the second most popular cryptocurrency, most exchanges will have it listed. However, some exchanges only deal in buying and selling Bitcoin. Read on to learn more about where to buy ETH.

What is the best way to buy ETH?

Buying ETH can be completed at most cryptocurrency exchanges. At BTC.com.au, you can buy Ethereum using AUD. Several other coin exchanges are working in Australia, but many are internationally owned and only use USD for crypto purchases. If you need to transfer funds in USD from an Australian bank account, you’ll need to convert the currency first, which can come with additional fees. The exact fees for international transactions will depend on your bank and the fee structure they charge. The ability to buy and sell ETH using AUD makes BTC.com.au the exchange of choice for many Australian investors.

Opening a trading account with BTC.com.au will take a few minutes, and you’ll need to supply some identification documents. These documents are known as KYC (know your customer), and it is a method for protecting your identity from being stolen. After receiving your documents, we’ll set up your account and send you the login details to gain access. You can sign in to your account and familiarise yourself with the layout of our platform. You can link your Australian bank account and make your first transfer into your trading account. This first transfer can take a few minutes or up to two days to complete depending on your bank’s methods. When the transfer is successful, you’ll see the amount in your trading account.

When you have AUD showing in your account, you can buy ETH. However, before you get started, make sure you have a crypto wallet that can support ETH. The most common crypto wallets are either cold or hot. A cold wallet is not connected to the internet. They are usually used for long-term storage and will be the bulk of your investment. If you’d like to use ETH to buy things, you may prefer a hot wallet. Hot wallets are connected to the internet and are more accessible, making them ideal for fast transactions. If you are buying things with ETH often (e.g., NFTs), you may prefer to use a hot wallet.

If you’ve got your crypto wallet, you can select ETH, enter the amount you’d like to buy, and then finalise the purchase. Purchases and sales through BTC.com.au take a few minutes to complete, but it can take longer if the exchange is busy.

Where to buy ETH?

The most accessible place to buy ETH is through a cryptocurrency exchange. You’ll find there are many exchanges available to people in Australia, but finding one that accepts AUD might prove a challenge. At BTC.com.au, we support Australian investors by using AUD fiat currency in all our transactions. For inventors living in Australia, operating in AUD has some distinct advantages. You won’t need to worry about fiat currency valuations or convert AUD to USD to make your purchases.

Opening a trading account with BTC.com.au can be completed in a few minutes.

What should I keep in mind when buying ETH?

After you decide where to buy ETH, you need to consider if it is a good investment. In Australia, cryptocurrency, including ETH, is not legal tender. Instead, these are treated as a commodity, and anyone looking to invest should complete a reasonable amount of research before buying. The value of ETH can change frequently, and it can be hard to predict when prices will increase and fall. However, if you have a sound investment strategy, you can make some outstanding returns on your investment.

Investing in ETH is a good option for many people. ETH is the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. However, some people feel that ETH is a more helpful coin, and the value can supersede Bitcoin in the future. One thing driving the value of ETH is NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are incredibly popular among cryptocurrency investors and digital artists. Digital artists will create an NFT to protect their products and stop unauthorised copies from circulating. You can think of an NFT as the digital receipt or certificate of authority for any purchased digital artwork.

At BTC.com.au, we are interested in sharing our knowledge base around ETH and cryptocurrency. We have published many articles, including how to buy Ethereum, how to buy Bitcoin, how to buy things with ETH, how to buy local Bitcoin, where to buy Bitcoin, where to buy Bitcoin, and converting BTC to cash. If you’re ready to invest in ETH, open an account and BTC.com.au, and start today!

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