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Where Can You Spend Bitcoin

If you’re new to Bitcoin, you may like to know where can you spend Bitcoin? BTC.com.au is an exchange platform where you can buy Bitcoin using AUD, and we’ll also offer access to a crypto wallet to help store your purchased cryptocurrencies. After you buy Bitcoin, you may like to spend some and experience what makes Bitcoin so valuable.


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Many merchants around the globe accept Bitcoin as payment, and you can use Bitcoin at any of these locations. While most people buy Bitcoin as an investment, it can also be used to purchase goods, make donations, and buy gift cards. If you’d like more information on where can you spend Bitcoin, you can keep reading this article, and we’ll explain.

What can you spend your Bitcoin on?

Bitcoin is considered a global currency, and you can buy anything anywhere in the world with Bitcoin. When you use fiat currency (AUD, USD, EUR, etc.), you’ll need to convert it to local fiat currency before making a transaction in that particular country. Bitcoin removes all these problems (and the fees associated with it). Provided the person you’re buying from accepts Bitcoin, you can pay in Bitcoin for any agreed amount.

While Bitcoin is not legal tender in many countries, it is treated as a commodity, which is valuable to many people. An easy way to think about Bitcoin is to compare it to other commodities. For example, you can go into a retail store and place a nugget of gold on the counter to pay for goods, but gold has an accepted value worldwide. Bitcoin operates in much the same way, but it is exceedingly more portable than carrying around gold nuggets!

How do I spend Bitcoin?

One of the main advantages of spending Bitcoin is that it is straightforward, and some will say it is as simple as sending an email. The first few times you spend Bitcoin, it may take some additional time as you get used to the process, but after a few times, you’ll find that the overall process is easy, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start much earlier!

As people are seeking to limit their exposure to potential identity theft, Bitcoin is one of the most efficient payment methods to use. You don’t need to provide a lot of information to spend. In a Bitcoin transaction, all you need are your Bitcoin address and the wallet address of your recipient. Depending on the transaction, you may need to provide an email address and your name. In some transactions, you won’t need to provide any details!

If you’re purchasing in a retail store, they’ll often supply you with a QR code that will contain all the information required to complete your purchase. You can scan this code and then enter your details as prompted. After you enter your details, you’ll finalise the payment and then wait for the confirmation of a successful transaction. Now, your wallet will show you your current Bitcoin balance, and the transaction is complete.

Where can you spend your Bitcoin?

The very first transaction of Bitcoin was to buy pizza for the tidy sum of 10,000 BTC. At the recent height of Bitcoin value (November 2021), this transaction would be worth around US$644 million. At this transaction, Bitcoin was very new, and no one had predicted its potential worth ten years later.

Although Bitcoin has been available for over ten years, it is still considered a new form of currency. Most retailers and online merchants are not yet set up to accept Bitcoin. However, they are slowly taking notice, and several large companies accept the currency to make a purchase. In 2014, Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin if you order through its online Xbox store.

Many people are waiting for Amazon to start accepting Bitcoin as they may cement the cryptocurrencies’ place in the digital marketplace. As of 2022, Amazon has no plans to accept Bitcoin. Although they are interested in exploring NFTs, they may soon accept Ethereum. If you’d like to buy something from Amazon (or other online retailers), it is possible to buy gift cards using Bitcoin and then use those at Amazon or any other retailer.

How long do Bitcoin transactions take?

Transactions over the Bitcoin network should take around ten minutes to complete. However, transaction times can vary based on when the blockchain sees heavy usage. If the Bitcoin network sees a lot of traffic, it can cause a delay in checking transactions and finalising transfers. It is possible to pay additional fees to speed up transactions. If fees are increased, people tend to stick with high-value transactions.

The delay in authorising transactions has resulted in some people avoiding Bitcoin adoption. However, as many people prefer to use Bitcoin as a commodity investment, then the speed of transactions is mostly irrelevant.

At BTC.com.au, you can open an account, make a deposit, and buy Bitcoin. When you have Bitcoin in your crypto wallet, you can choose where to spend your Bitcoin. One of the advantages of Bitcoin is that it’s very portable, and you can travel with as much (or as little) as you’d like. Bitcoin wallets offer exceptional security, which is often ideal when travelling. If you have access to an internet connection, you can choose where you’d like to spend your Bitcoin from various merchants.

If you’d like to know more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can read more articles on BTC.com.au. These include converting BTC to cash, how to buy cryptocurrency, how to buy local Bitcoin, what you can buy with Bitcoin, and where to buy ETH. Open an account today and start trading in Bitcoin!

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