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How to Spend My Bitcoin

Have you recently bought some Bitcoin, but you’d like to learn how to spend my Bitcoin? At BTC.com.au, one of our aims is to educate people on how to best use Bitcoin. If you’re interested in spending Bitcoin, you can read some helpful tips in this article.


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Bitcoin is an excellent method for completing transactions using large sums of money because of the relatively low fees associated with each transfer. While many people focus on investing in Bitcoin, it is an excellent way to send money to people worldwide.

There are only a few fees attached to Bitcoin transfers, and you can take Bitcoin anywhere with you as you only need an internet-connected device and your crypto wallet. Using Bitcoin while travelling is one of the best ways to spend your Bitcoin, as you won’t need to carry around large sums of local currency.

How to spend Bitcoin?

There are a few ways you can spend Bitcoin, and they all answer the question of how to spend my Bitcoin. Bitcoin was created to remove government and banks from the many financial transactions carried out daily all over the world. The easiest way to spend Bitcoin is by sending it to someone. For example, if you are purchasing an item, and the seller agrees to accept Bitcoin, you only need their wallet address, an agreement on the transaction fee, and how much you’d like to send. The higher fee you pay when you transfer Bitcoin, the faster your transaction is verified and finalised.

You can also spend Bitcoin with a merchant who chooses to accept it. You can select to pay with Bitcoin at the checkout in an online store. Then you’ll need to follow their guide to complete your payment. In a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll usually be provided with a QR code, and you can scan this to begin making your payment.

If you want to convert BTC to cash, you’ll need to sell or spend your Bitcoin using a cryptocurrency exchange like BTC.com.au, and they will sell your Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency. After the sale process is complete, you can leave your fiat currency in your trading account or transfer it to a linked bank account. The time it takes to receive your funds from your trading account will depend on the exchange you choose.

Where can I spend my Bitcoin?

You’ll find many merchants who operate physical and online stores that accept Bitcoin as payment. The uptake of Bitcoin has been slow, but as large companies start to accept it soon, many others will follow. You can search the internet for businesses close to you that accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

The most well-known business that accepts Bitcoin is Microsoft. At Microsoft, they accept Bitcoin payments in their Xbox online store, where you can purchase games and in-game content. You can also find online retailers that will sell gift cards for Bitcoin. You can use these gift cards in various stores, including Amazon (which is yet to accept Bitcoin for payment). While purchasing gift cards is an extra step, it allows you to spend your Bitcoin on almost anything you like!

How to get more Bitcoin?

The easiest way to get more Bitcoin is to buy it through a local cryptocurrency exchange. Anyone living in Australia with an Australian bank account can open a trading account at BTC.com.au and buy Bitcoin using AUD. While many international Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges operate in Australia, many of these only take USD. Buying Bitcoin in USD is problematic as you’ll need to convert your AUD to USD before you purchase, which can attract additional fees. You may find an international Bitcoin exchange that will let you buy crypto with a credit card, but with most credit cards, you’ll still need to pay a fee to your bank to convert one fiat currency to another.

Buying Bitcoin is easy through BTC.com.au. You can open a trading account in around the same time that you can open a regular banking account. We need some of your details and some personal identifying documents (just like you’d show a bank); after we receive your details, we’ll open your account and send you an email detailing how you can log in. You can link an Australian bank account and make your first deposit when you first log in. You can only link one bank account, and you can't buy Bitcoin with a credit card using our services. If you’d like to use funds from a credit card, you can transfer money from your credit card to your linked bank account and then transfer these funds into your trading account. On new transfers into your trading account, the funds can take up to a day to arrive.

After your funds show in your trading account, you’re ready to make your first BTC transaction. Select the type of cryptocurrency you’d like to buy (e.g. BTC, ETH, LTC), enter the amount you’d like to purchase and your crypto wallet address, and finalise the order. Most transactions are completed in a few minutes; when the coins you’ve purchased are showing in your chosen wallet, the purchase is completed.

At BTC.com.au, we are the cryptocurrency exchange of choice for many Australians, and we are dedicated to providing information about crypto coins and what you can do with them. We have written many articles focused on crypto. These include buying Bitcoin in Australia, buying Ethereum, how to sell Bitcoin, where to spend Bitcoin, and how to use Bitcoin. If you are ready to start investing in Bitcoin, you can open a trading account at BTC.com.au. Join the crypto revolution and start trading today!

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