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Buy Things with Ethereum

If you’ve been investing in Ethereum, you may like to know how to buy things with Ethereum. While cryptocurrency adoption for businesses is in the early stages, many businesses look closely at it. Many people and investors are predicting that Ethereum is a more viable crypto-coin for use in our current market, and they predict it’ll hold a similar value to Bitcoin in the coming years.


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What are the benefits of buying Ethereum?

Ethereum (ETH) is the second most popular cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin (BTC). There are some benefits to buying ETH over BTC or any other crypto, including the following:

Potentially has more applications than Bitcoin. One of the problems associated with Bitcoin is that the transaction can be time-consuming. Ethereum uses a different type of coding language (Turing-complete), which means transactions can be processed at around 50% of the time a Bitcoin transaction takes.

Many Fortune 500 companies back Ethereum. Businesses worldwide are looking at Ethereum and working out how it can be incorporated into their businesses. Currently, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) consists of nearly 500 companies collaborating on the future usage of Ethereum. This type of interest looks very favourably on Ethereum’s future.

Financial institutions are looking into incorporating Ethereum. While cryptocurrency has the potential to remove banking from our financial industry, Ethereum is being looked on favourably by many banks.

What can I buy with Ethereum?

The most popular way to spend ETH spend ETH is by buying NFTs (non-fungible tokens). An NFT is essentially digital art, and the more popular that artist is, the higher these can be valued. Many marketplaces that deal in NFT will only accept ETH as payment, mainly because these tokens are based on Ethereum. If you have an existing crypto wallet with store ETH, you can trade it for the NFT of your choice.

Buying an NFT

Buying an NFT means you’ll need to visit a website that sells deals with these items. Many NFT marketplaces operate like an auction house, and you need to make a bid for a particular item. You can find NFTs that are worth a few dollars and others that are worth thousands. NFTs are similar to art, and it can be hard to judge what will be worth more in the future and what will not. When trading an NFT for your Ethereum, it may be best to buy something you like, and maybe in the future, its value will increase. If anyone tries to convince you a particular NFT will increase in price, they’re probably the person who created it and are looking for a fast sale!

What else can you buy with Ethereum?

Some merchants will accept cryptocurrency as payment, but most people buy ETH to invest in it and then sell it later at an increased price. You can open an account at BTC.com.au and begin trading ETH after making your first deposit.

Trading cryptocurrency is exciting because the price changes frequently. It is highly advisable to buy crypto with a plan and then stick to your investing goals. Some investors prefer to buy and hold for the long term, and others prefer to buy and then sell when the price is favourable. Your tactics are entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable doing. As with other cryptocurrencies, ETH is treated as an asset, and you need to declare any profits on your annual tax return, and you may be required to pay capital gains tax (CGT) and income tax.

How long do Ethereum transactions take?

When you buy things with Ethereum, the transaction can take up to five minutes to complete. The time taken will depend on the amount you pay to handle the transaction and the current network congestion.

All transactions completed through the Ethereum blockchain will require validation services. After the blockchain has your transaction included, the transfer is completed and irreversible. If your transaction takes some time to complete, it is probably waiting for additional blocks to be added to the blockchain. You can check on your transaction’s status, and it’ll be recorded as either pending or completed. You can also check how many blocks have been added to the blockchain since your transaction. This information can indicate how busy the network is and if you will need to wait longer for other transactions.

At BTC.com.au, you can purchase Ether (ETH) for use on the Ethereum blockchain. You can open an account, link up your existing Australian bank account, make your first deposit, and start trading in ETH. The ETH you purchase can be stored in the online crypto wallet we offer our account holders, or you can use the wallet of your choice. After you’ve bought ETH, you can hold it and sell later or use it to make purchases anywhere that accepts your cryptocurrency.

If you’d like more information about buying and investing in cryptocurrency, including Ethereum, you can read more at BTC.com.au. We have many articles to help new and experienced investors, including what you can buy with Bitcoin, where to buy Bitcoin, how to sell Bitcoin, and how to buy Bitcoin in Australia. You can open an account with BTC.com.au and experience all that crypto investing offers. Open your account today!

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