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If you’re looking to buy cryptocurrency, understanding what it is, how to store it, and how it is used can help you decide which one is best for your situation. With cryptocurrency (or crypto), Bitcoin is the most well-known, and its current value in the market is widely reported. The name cryptocurrency refers to the cryptographic process used by developers to protect their networks against fraud.

If you’d like to buy cryptocurrency in Australia, you’ll need a secure crypto wallet and an account with a broker or crypto exchange. At, you can open an account and trade the most popular crypto coins using Australian dollars (AUD) as well as access your funds whenever you need them through our convenient crypto wallet service.

How to buy Cryptocurrency?

The first step to buy cryptocurrency in Australia is to choose which one you’d like to purchase. After selecting your crypto, you’ll need to use the services offered by a crypto broker or exchange. Buying cryptocurrency is complicated, and crypto exchanges provide an easy way to complete the transaction.

At, you can open an account and trade the most popular cryptocurrency using Australian dollars (AUD). As we are Australian owned, you’ll receive local support, and all transactions carried out using AUD will settle immediately with the funds placed instantly into your account if your bank supports NPP fast payments.

After you buy cryptocurrency through your broker, you can have the coins sent directly to your crypto wallet. Some brokers will allow you to keep the coins in your account and trade them later. When you sell bitcoin or convert BTC to cash and other cryptocurrencies, your broker will deposit the proceeds from the sale into your linked bank account. When you’re trading in cryptocurrency, make sure you are aware of any fees associated with purchases and if your bank will charge for deposits from your chosen crypto broker.

Modern crypto brokers and exchanges will have a very similar appearance to stockbrokers. You’ll select the crypto you want to buy or sell and send through an order. Your broker will complete the transaction and inform you when it is completed.

How to store Cryptocurrency?

As cryptocurrency has no physical form, you need a place to store it. Crypto wallets are usually available as hot wallets (online) and cold wallets (hardware).

Hot Wallets

Hot wallets run on computers and other internet-enabled devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). Hot wallets provide a quick and easy way to access and spend your cryptocurrency. Hot wallets require robust passwords, two-factor login, and safe browsing habits to maintain the best security.

Cold Wallets

Cold wallets operate in much the same way as hot wallets, but they are not connected to the internet. As these wallets are not connected to the internet, they are a secure way of holding on to your cryptocurrency.

Crypto investors may use a combination of hot and cold coin wallets, with small amounts intended for everyday use stored in a hot wallet and more significant amounts stored in a cold wallet for investing purposes. At, we offer a convenient online wallet service that makes it easy for you to access your funds on the go.

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Our team is committed to educating Australians on the benefits of trading and using cryptocurrency. We are also providing a safe, secure, and trusted method for completing purchases and sales of cryptocurrency for Australians. Open your account today, and start your journey on the crypto revolution!

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