Following the success of our first ever ClickFrenzy promotion, we’ve decided to reduce our fees to 0.6% for all trade types. Life can be complicated enough, so we believe that fees don’t need to be! Since the beginning, we have made it a priority to employ an open and transparent flat-rate fee structure to keep things simple and straight to the point.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to all of our new customers. We’re glad to have you on board. And always remember that if you require any assistance, please know that our talented team of support representatives are only one click away

On that note, it is also worth mentioning that while we do try our best to market and engage with new audiences, like most industries, referrals and word of mouth are the lifeblood of any business – especially for humble little tech start-ups like ours.

If you weren’t already aware, we have one of the top referral programs in the industry. Refer a friend, family member, or simply post your affiliate code or unique link on your blog or site and start earning a staggering 30% commission on all fees paid for the lifetime of the referral.

You can read more about our referral program by clicking here and you can create and activate your unique referral code under the ‘Referral Program‘ section in our trading portal dashboard.

Thank you once again for your continued support. We look forward to continue serving you all.