Dear family,

It’s with the heaviest of hearts that we announce will be closing.

As you have all likely seen and heard in the media this week, there have been multiple market crashes in both the crypto and stock markets, and sadly we have been very hard hit in this volatile climate and it is not possible for us to continue operating.

When we started back in 2018, we began with a dream to make crypto more accessible to everyday people. We started off as a small startup that achieved some big things. We created a card that allowed you to withdraw your crypto at the ATM, pay your bills and just make life a little easier.

Over the last year, we grew the headcount of our team 5-fold, completely rebranded and launched our full-featured trading platform, multi-coin wallet service, and support for several new coins. We were so excited to showcase our new features to the thousands that already used our platform, but also welcome many new users into our family.

Sadly, the worst thing that could possibly happen, did.

People tend to forget that behind a business there are real people. People with families, mortgages, and obligations. As hard as it has been to make the decision to cease trading and say goodbye to all of you, it was an even harder decision to say goodbye to our team – these are the wonderful people that made possible. We will be forever grateful.

From today, we have paused all trading activity and deposits to your accounts – but of course, the ability to withdraw your funds safely out of our platform will remain active. 

We will be keeping the platform alive until Friday, July 22nd to allow everyone time to finalise their accounts and to ensure everyone has downloaded their Trade Activity reports for tax purposes.

Thank you – all of you – for choosing and for being part of our family.